Mid-October to mid-April:

Roderick MacIver Investments
321 SE 3RD ST, Suite G10
Gainesville, FL 32601

Mid-April to mid-October:

Roderick MacIver Investments
468 Walker Road
Essex, NY 12936


To Subscribe:

Send a check to one of the addresses based on the time of year. The cost of each subscription:

  • The Boring Investment Report is $8000 per year.
  • Risk Research is $8000 per year for the first one hundred companies. Subscribers send an updated list quarterly. After the first one hundred companies, the additional cost per hundred companies is $1000 per year.

Please make subscription checks out to Roderick MacIver Investments.

Commission-based payment arrangements are possible for institutional clients, for instance through Cowen/Westminister. Contact Rod to discuss.

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