There’s nothing so rare, or valuable, in business as a
persistent competitive advantage.

Using  financial statement trend analysis techniques developed over a period of several years, we provide two tools to professional investors:

The Boring Investment Report:  

Ross Stores Free Cash Flow Per Share

Only about one half of one percent of public companies are able to consistently increase, year after year, regardless of recession or economic boom, free cash flow per share without increasing debt.

This quarterly report helps investors find, understand and capitalize on exceptional free cash flow compounders. Visit here for more.

GE Free Cash Flow Per Share

Risk Research:
Independent Portfolio Risk Assessment

Tracks emerging financial statement trends risk characteristics of professional investor portfolios.

Working off a list of positions or contemplated positions provided by clients, we document the risk profile of each security, and identify positions that represent inordinate risk in relation to the potential upside based on financial statement characteristics and trends.

Visit here for more.

For more on our investment approach:

We don’t offer trials but you can get to know our research by reading our Seeking Alpha articles.

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