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        Active Lime Production Plant

        Process introduction

        We can supply design and whole set active lime production equipment with advanced technology. its main process is calcining limestone.The active lime production equipment mainly include vertical preheated , rotary kiln and vertical cooler,etc.


        • Stable&safe
        • Advanced technology
        • Good dust collecting effect
        • Energy saving
        • Reliable control

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        The requested feeding size of limestone should be 10-40mm or 15-50mm for calcinations at Rotary Kiln. The limestone should be crushed and screened to requested size firstly if the average size is more than 40mm. The feeding equipment for bigger size limestone are Rod Vibration Feeder, Apron Conveyor; the crushing equipment are Jaw Crusher, Impact Crusher; the screening equipment are Circular Vibrating Screen, Linear Vibrating Screen and Rotary Screen; transportation equipment are DTⅡ(A) Belt Conveyor, TD75 Belt Conveyor, Corrugated Belt Conveyor, Bucket Elevator and etc.


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