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        Disc Feeder

        • Type:KR Series of Disc Feeder
        • Capacity: 4-24t/h
        • Power: 5.5-30kw

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        Disc Feeder is also called disk feeder, it's a feeding device with simple structure. Only few manufacturers can guarantee the feeding precision. Disk feeder is an auxiliary equipment for conveying machines, and installed beneath hopper or attached to steel structure in concentrating plant, smelting plant, cement plant, sand mining or mechanical casting workshop. Our disk feeder has three parts to control the feeding precision. The accuracy can reach to 95% and even up to 98%. It will be marked if you want, just for easier operation.


        1 Stable operation; easy to operate.

        2 Wide application; energy saving; high efficiency.

        3  Large bearing capacity; stable operation.

        Working Principle

        Disk Feeder is mainly composed of motor, decelerator, disc, scraper and feeding adjustment devices etc. The disc rotates through the triangle belt, worm reducer, and vertical shaft by the motor. Lower part of the disc set connected with the worm gear reducer, and the upper part connected with steel column of tank by the feed chute. Motor is fixed on the side of the disc set. So the whole disc feeder is under the feed chute. The materials come out from the spiral gate, then come through the feeding pipe and movable sleeve, then arrive at the disc, scrapped by the rotating force and scrapper, the materials flow into the next device.


        Model Speed




        Instalaltion Slope

        Overall Dimension
        KR2.2 14.25 4-8 5.5 2.85 35-55 2800*2750*2580
        KR2.5 11.81 5-10 11 3.25 3200*2300*3000
        KR2.8 12.1 12-16 11 3.71 3400*2600*3100
        KR3.0 11.3 15-18 15 4.35 3700*2700*3300
        KR3.2 9.6 15-20 22 5.11 3900*2700*3400
        KR3.6 9.1 18-24 30 6.51 4300*3100*4000
        The capacity refers to limestone, professing capacity may vary with different materials and feeding sizes.

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