Vertical impact type sand making machine are ready for delivery

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From:Xingyang Ju Xin Machinery Co., Ltd. Data: 2019-04-02

Vertical impact type sand making machine is special machine for sand production line, the machine has high efficiency and low power consumption.

Vertical impact sand making machine is a perfect machine to make sand, the sand from the machine has good shape, generally, its products will be transported into concrete mixing plant.

Impact sand making machine has the below features:

1. Its products size can be very small, through sand making machine, you can get the size less than 5mm sand.

2. Its impact plate and lining plate are durable, so the machine has a long service life.

3. Its capacity is big, according to different models of impact type sand making machine, its capacity can reach from 20tph-300tph.

If you are interested in the machine or you are planing to build a sand making plant, you can contact me at the below, we can supply you professional technology support and high quality sand making machines.

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