what is double rotor crusher? and what is its advantage?

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From:Xingyang Ju Xin Machinery Co., Ltd. Data: 2019-03-26

Double rotor crusher also named double stages hammer crusher, the machine has two crushing chambers, so its products is very fine, it is one of sand making machines.

Each crushing chamber has a rotor with hammerheads, different models of double rotor crusher has different quantity of hammerheads, they are installed at the row and connect with rotor.

The machine's advantages as below:

1. Its products is fine, through double rotor crusher, you can get the size less than 3mm sand.

2. Its hammerhead is durable, and when its one side is worn, you can change it and let another side to hit the stone.

3. Its capacity is big, compared with other sand making machine, for the same input size, its finished products rate is higher.

4. Its electricity consumption is lower and the price is lower than other sand making machine.

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